New Kapton-heater

New and improved Kapton foil heaters are now available in the shop! Thanks to the close cooperation with the supplier and your feedback, it was possible to further improve the Kapton-heater and optimize it for the DICE! These are in detail:

  • New wire cross section: The cables for the heating circuit are slightly thicker (0.25mm2) and the cables for the thermistor are thinner (0.1mm2). This means that the lines can be differentiated directly and without having to guess which is what. Furthermore, connecting the thicker wires to the board terminals is a lot easier.
  • New contact cover: the thermistor and the connections to the heating foil are now covered with glass-fibre reinforced silicone. This offers much better mechanical protection.
  • Thermistor with lower tolerance: The built-in thermistor is now designed in 1% tolerance. Together with the improved mounting, even more precise temperature control is now possible.
  • Thicker Kapton: The heating foil itself is also thicker, instead of 0.15mm as before, the thickness is now 0.25mm. However, the additional thickness was only applied on the outside of the foil, so that a greater mechanical protection is achieved.
  • The most important thing though: The price is the same! And that wasn't easy to acchieve ;)

These are only minor changes, but they will certainly make themselves felt in everyday printing. I am very happy to have been able to improve the high quality components for the DICE again!