the DICE on FabCon2016

On FabCon2016, I had the opportunity to show off my fast little printer, the DICE. Very excited, but also very determined I came to the fair early in the morning, two complete DICE in tow:

I was the second one on stage and was moderated by Ian Spring, a very nice and kind guy. I got the immagination, he was amazed the most by the DICE of all the people there :D Shortly before my talk, half of the showed up and said hello!

After the presentation I was relieved and happy that I did it! Look at my big grin! Then, we introduced ourself to get a face to the anonymous forum-nick. And my two DICE were "inspected" and pawed ;)

On the FabCon itself, there was soooo much to see and to be amazed at! But also very much disillusionment. Everybody here puts his pants on the same way as you in FDM...

This is a Benchy of a FelixPrinter made out of woodenPLA. It looked and feeled super smooth and I am sure, that this was the best print on the whole FabCon I saw.

The most interesting and most clever printer I saw was the delta of

The Frame was the rail at the same time, everything hold in place by magnets. Super simple and impressive big prints. My favourite!


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