To publish the DICE as an open source 3d-printer was a huge success! Half a year ago, I wouldn't have thought, that there will be more than 50 printers out there based on my design. And these are just the ones I know about. Who knows, how many "silent tinkerers" are out there with a DICE on their desk right now?!


The feedback I got through and via the publishing of the DICE is huge! And it is still going strong! I met so many kind and/or supportive people! In the past, I thought that I know 3d-printing relatively well, but the shoptalk and the exchange of experience did get me way forward. Now, I have many new ideas and plenty of things on my to-do-list. A well known CEO did say it nicely:


"I am incredibly excited about the things we’re working on" - Tim Cook


It's not much time to the next big thing and I want to sweeten the time a bit for you. With nice pics! 

The ones following me on g+ know these pics already ;)

But there aren't only new things for the miniature part. I did not forget my big one!

And the best: All is going to fit together and is compatible to nearly everything!

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