small update on the z-plane

To light the printarea, I did a small update on the z-plane. Now, there are 2 little 10mm wide notches to let wires through. Or, if you want, a small COB-LED directly.

You can find the updated DXF in the dropbox at DICE\enclosure\4mm thick aluminium\z_achse.DXF

I recommend COB-LEDs with very low power, usually at or below 1W. Everything above is going to get unnecessary hot. The LEDs in the image are

  • 16x32mm, 12V/ 80mA, 1W, my recommendation
  • 10x30mm, 12V/~400mA, 4W, but this one can get lowered down to about 1,2W which is still bright enough.

There are many more similar LEDs, you are able to find them with the searchterm "COB LED strip" on sites like these: